Zonopact Innovation Lab's Innovation : Bringing a Photographer within

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Voice operation
Remote control
Cloud plans
Phone holder
Camera and display screen
Own storage unit
Adjustable height
Improved viewing angles


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About Zpic

Capture All the Glorious Movements and Surroundings on Those Long Rides.


Without Putting your Safety at Risk – Thank You ZPIC

ZPIC is a robotic arm for capturing photos and videos when driving. Featuring an inbuilt camera, storage space and a display unit, it operates on voice commands. ZPIC can be placed anywhere in your car such as on the windscreen, above the mirror or anywhere else.

I like the sound of ZPIC, please tell me more!

Launched by Zonopact Innovation’s Lab, ZPIC is a movable robotic arm which understands voice commands. Install it in your car, and then direct it to save all those beautiful glimpses through photos and videos! Reach out to us at [phone no] or [email address] if you are interested.


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